Photo of Channeler

Channeler by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 10-12-2004

The Channeler by Arius Blaze was the original Harmonic Field - or what transformed into the collaborative effort dubbed the Harmonic Field. It was made some years earlier.

" is a touch based synthesizer designed to emulate the various functions of most synthesizers but without the use of standard variable resistors (knobs) as controls. The result is a number of parameters all controlled simultaneously through the hands of the user. Thereby allowing the user to become the variable resistor. It allows the player to massage the board and sound and very much become an element of the circuitry. Here are two MP3 sound samples...Both represent different methods of play...No added effects or altering of any kind...Dull parts have been cut out and the samples have been compressed from two 12 minute recordings. converted in medium quality to save space. Also refer to the sounds on the opening page of this site ( - those sounds are also from this instrument. Channel one Channel two There are nine "keys", or nine notes - ranging from a very low octave (growls) to a high octave. The Main Pitch knob will allow for adjustments. This synthesizer is polyphonic so all notes can be played together. The notes are played with the left hand by touching one of the large red panels and touching any of the 9 metal contacts centered between the two panels (the blue sections) - together or independantly. (left panel + any of the metal "keys" = LFO pulsing of the note being played...Right panel + any of the "keys" = contastant note). The "keys" can be tapped for pulse playing or basslines etc., or gently massaged to control the amp (attack, sustain, release, decay) - depending on how delicate or hard you press the metal. The right hand travels along any of the 18 metal panels on the right side to control filters, resonance of several types, distortion, white noise, harmonics etc. The result is a synthesizer that creates some very unusual and sweet sound easily with an interface that is not at all typical. The Channeler is equipped with a volume knob, glowing blue lamp, internal speaker, 1/4" jack (cuts out speaker when plugged), comes with a power supply and includes a small manual."