The First Garden

Photo of The First Garden

The First Garden by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

This is the first of what has become a great conceptual body of work - from the Micro to the Luminist. The Garden works are either ready to ship or are finished to order - see the For Sail page for details. See the Garden main page for sounds, video and greater description. "The Garden is a conceptual sound art work and a phenomenal instrument for extending micro sounds into waves or generating odd sounds based on an acoustic source. The Garden is a part of the electrocoustic family. This piece is an extensive version of the Garden series...The sound very much reflects the aesthetic - an electric garden with waves growing from the sound field they're created from. The sound board and spouts of wire extending from it are picked up with high sensitivity and run through a digital delay with a very warm sound, and that delay then running to a second delay. Both delays can be as tight as possible or extend to about one and a half seconds. Having two delays adds a lot of options and another layer of depth to the sound. Every sprig of string has a unique sound and the Garden can be played as a percussion piece or soundscape generator. The feedback can be adjusted to generate long perfect extensions of micro sounds to become waves then captured in long format if desired. There is as much musical potential as there is a potential for strange sounds - bits of waves can be strecthed in real time and there's a switch for each that degrades the quality of the delay itself, causing it to stutter and add a grimy quality to the incoming signal. This piece runs on 9v battery or 9v adapter, 1/4" output to amp or mixer, vintage black cloth-covered case, and four custom lamps (two in the front, two on the sound field)."